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D E S I G N   F E E S   &   W H A T   T O   E X P E C T




The initial design consultation fee starts at $275, and depends on location. 


This consultation takes around 1 - 1.5 hours, on site or online (Skype, FaceTime) for interstate and overseas clients.


It's a chance to gain advice about improvements that can be made to your property. You may like to take notes or sketches as written recommendations aren't provided during this consultation. 


We'll become better acquainted and you'll become familiar with how I work and what I do.



Designs can range from $4000+ for a courtyard to $6000+ for residential gardens. Natural playscapes and lifestyle properties start at around $10000, while larger acreage and commercial landscapes vary greatly.

The  design fee is calculated after the initial design consultation and is a set fee. A deposit is paid on acceptance of the fee proposal, with the balance payable in two equal instalments. 



On completion of the site survey and analysis, it is usual for the Design Concept to be provided within four to six weeks, depending on the project schedule. Allow another 3-4 weeks for the Final Plan Set. Drawings include:


  • Mood board & project palette

  • Design Concept

  • 3D visualisations: perspectives and flythroughs

  • Planting Design

  • Hard Landscaping Plan (including paving treatment, decking, structures, water features/pools, lighting)

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